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Note: I frequently mention in these Q&As the similarity of this site’s features to Facebook. Keep in mind that I’m doing so to help you understand how to use the site; this site isn’t part of Facebook (though you can use your Facebook account to login), and the features aren’t going to match 100%. Hope that makes sense. If you’re still confused, we can discuss in the Site Help Forum.

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  • 1. Register and login?

    There are two ways to login to the Quad Cities Social Network site: by using your Facebook login, or by creating a site login that's not connected to Facebook.

    You login to the site using the Login button at the upper right corner of the page. If you don't have an account, you can click the Register link to the left of the Login button:

    Login links upper right

    The login screen appears when you click the Login button. If you wish to login using your Facebook account, enter the information and click the Connect with Facebook button (1); if you've created a site login and don't want to use Facebook, you can enter the account information and click the Log in button.

    You don't have to create a login if you're using your Facebook login! The site connects itself to Facebook so when you login, you're actually logging into Facebook to access the site. The only information on Facebook that's shared with this site is your account and your profile picture from Facebook.

    Note that there is a Register button below the login window (2); you can use this to create an account.


    Once you've logged in, you'll see your login name in the upper right corner of the screen (1). If the site administrator has broadcast a message to all users, you'll see it at the right (2); once you click the close link at its end, you'll no longer see the message.


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  • 2. Use the main menu?

    The main site menu consists of a set of buttons or links in a horizontal row underneath the site name and slogan:

    Top menu

    Here's a description of the menu items in the above image (left to right):

    • Home - The page you see when you first visit the site.
    • Activity - A listing of site activity; like the activity log on the Facebook site, it displays things that have happened on your profile, your friends' profiles, and public changes to the site. What you see depends in part on how you've set your security settings.
    • Blog - The place where I'll post things about the site in general. If someone else wants to post a blog article, it will be put into a moderation queue for my approval (or not). Note that site wide announcements may also appear at the top of the right sidebar.
    • Classifieds - Create and read classified ads. There's no online response set up (or payment mechanism), so if you create one, put your contact information into it or ask people to send you a private message on this site. When you click on an ad, you'll see the full information on the wall of the person who created it.
    • Events - A simple event calendar for posting events of interest to past and present QC residents. If there are no current or future events in the calendar, the page will show as empty. To add an event, select Events/Create from the drop-down menu under your account name at the top right corner of the page.
    • Forums - Here's where most of the discussion and interaction will happen. I've set up a number of forums, and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate. I'm always open to creating new forums or making changes to existing ones. An example of a widely-used set of forums would be Yahoo! Groups, which some of you may have participate in.
    • Link Library - A categorized set of links that members of the community may find interesting or useful. You can submit a link using the form at the bottom of the page, and it will be reviewed by a moderator for inclusion in the library.
    • Members - Looking for another QC Social Network member? Here's where you'll find him or her. If your profile is public, it will appear here. This is one of the places where you can choose to friend members (or unfriend them).
    • Contact - If you have questions or comments about the site that you don't want to post in a forum, you can send me an email using this form.

    The use of the profile menu under your name at the top right corner of the screen is covered in this topic. If you have further questions about the usage of the site that answered here, you can post your question in the Site Help forum.

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  • 3. Access my profile and settings?

    Note: if you're not sure what some of the concepts discussed here like Forums mean, these are discussed in other FAQs on this page. All of the menu items discussed below can also be accessed via the left sidebar on your Wall page.

    (1) You can access your profile and settings by moving your cursor with your mouse over your account name at the upper right corner of the screen; a drop-down menu will appear (clicking your name works, too)

    (2) Commands to edit your profile and log out are at the very top of the menu; Edit My Profile does exactly the same thing as the Profile submenu lower down in the menu

    (3) Your data, contributions to the site, and the photos you've uploaded are available in the drop-down menu; each of these items has its own submenu (represented by the little arrow to the left of the menu item); move your mouse over an item to see its submenu


    The Wall is like the page you see when you click on your account name in Facebook.  It shows your activity just like on your Facebook page. You can manage your information, manage your content (posts, photos, messages, classifieds), post an update (with or without a photo), and modify your profile settings here.

    The available submenu options are:

    • Wall - Your wall with your activities. Note that you can write on your friends' walls and you can write on theirs, just like in Facebook.
    • News Feed - Shows recent activities by your friends and site wide activities
    • My Likes - Things you've liked, so you can access them from a central location



    The Profile submenu lets you view and edit your profile settings, including your profile photo and cover image (the cover image is like the image you see at the top of your profile page in Facebook).

    The available submenu options are:

    • View - Shows recent activities by your friends and site wide activities
    • Edit - Allows you to change your name as it's displayed on the site
    • Change Profile Picture - Change picture displayed in connection with your content
    • Change Cover Image - Change background image at top of your Wall page



    Notifications include things like mentions of you or replies to your posts, friend requests, reception of messages. In Facebook, your notifications are under the icon that looks like a little globe at the top right corner of the page. You can mark notifications read or unread, or delete them after you've read them.

    The available submenu options are:

    • Unread - View all notifications you haven't read yet.
    • Read - View all notifications you've already read



    You can send messages to and receive members from other site members (just like on Facebook). Messages can be starred so you can find the ones that are most important to you. This works pretty much like mail systems you use for communicating with friends & family.

    The available submenu options are:

    • Inbox - Work with messages in your inbox
    • Starred - View messages that you've starred
    • Sent - View messages that you've sent
    • Compose - Write and send a new message
    • Drafts - Messages you're working on but haven't sent yet
    • All Member Notices - For sending a message to all site members; only site admins should see this item



    View your list of friends, view and reply to friendship requests from other members. You can later unfriend someone if you need to. Friending works pretty much the same way it does on Facebook.

    The available submenu options are:

    • Friendships - Lists all your friends, and allows you to unfriend them
    • nn Pending Requests  - Shows how many pending friend request you have (or "No" if there are none pending); select this item to review and approve or ignore the requests.



    There's no equivalent in Facebook of a forum; these are collections of discussions (called "topics") created by you and other members. They're organized in categories. Using this submenu, you can see what's going on in forum topics you've participated in, or that you're interested in.

    The available submenu options are:

    • Topics Started - This includes topics you've started yourself
    • Replies Created - This includes replies you've created to posts created in forum topics
    • Favorite Topics - All topics you've tagged with the "Favorite" button above the topic
    • Subscribed Topics - All topics you've tagged with the "Subscribe" button; this differs from Favorites because you're sent an email when someone posts to a subscribed topic.



    Manage your photos and photo albums. This is a simple photo management feature, and the Media option below does the same thing, and then some. I recommend using the Media submenu item rather than this one, since if I add new photo or video features for uploads, they'll be available under the Media item (see below).


    Here's where you can set how the site interacts with you, and your visibility to other members.

    The available submenu options are:

    • General - Change your password and email address
    • Email - Specify what activities cause emails to be sent to you
    • Delete Account - Don't click this unless you're sure you want to delete your account; I don't know how difficult it would be to restore your account, and I don't particularly want to find out!!
    • Profile Visibility - This is currently not used, and I don't have any plans for it at present; it's for sites where there are additional fields associated with your profile
    • Privacy - Controls visible you and your content are to other users of the site



    You can upload photos and create/manage photo albums here. I might eventually allow videos, but at present you can only link to videos stored elsewhere (there's another tutorial on this page that discusses it). This is the way I recommend folks manage their albums, since I might add new features here in the future.


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  • 4. Interact with other members?

    The members who are currently logged in are displayed in the right sidebar. You can view all members by clicking the Members link in the top menu:


    To add a member as a friend. click the Add Friend button to the right of their name:


    Once you've added them, you'll see the button on the right change to "Cancel Friendship Request" (you can click this if you change your mind about friending them):


    Once they've accepted your request, this button will change to "Cancel Friendship" (i.e., unfriend them). They will see your request under Requests, where they can either accept or reject your offer:



    When they accept a  request, the label on  the right says Accepted:


    When the user accepts your offer, you'll see a notification if you click on the circle at the top of the page as shown:



    The user will see Cancel Friendship next to the members they're friends with, and can cancel the friendship at any time:


    The number of pending requests will be displayed under the Notifications submenu:


    You can send a message to another  user by selecting Compose from the Messages submenu under your login:


    Start typing the member's name  to find him/her:


    Type your message title, your message, and format it just as you would in an email program:


    Scroll down and either send the message or save as a draft to finish later (note that you can attach a file to your message):


    Here's what the recipient sees. Note that this is an internal message within this site, not an email message. It's similar to the messages you can send to friends on Facebook:


    The recipient will see the inbox messages when he/she clicks on the notification bubble at the top of the page:


    The recipient can compose a reply to your message as shown:


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  • 5. Post and respond to classifieds?


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  • 6. Use the Events calendar?


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  • 7. Use the Link Library?


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  • 8. Use the site Forums?


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  • 9. Work with photos and videos?


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