What’s Coming in the Future?

Now that I’ve kicked off the site (up to 20 members as of now), I hope the site will start growing on its own. Given the number of participants in the QC related pages on Facebook, I’m gambling there’s a need for it.

I’ll be posting tutorials in the Site Help forum as I develop them; I plan to cover the site user interface as well as the submenus under your login profile:

  • Site Usage – General information about interacting with the site
  • Wall – View your wall (just like on Facebook), your newsfeed, and your likes
  • Profile – Edit your display name, profile photo, and cover photo
  • Notifications – Read notifications you’ve received
  • Messages – Read and write messages from/to other members; your site mailbox
  • Friends – View and edit your friendships with other members; accept/reject requests
  • Forums – Find forum topics you’ve created, are participating in, and favorites
  • Events – Create events, view upcoming, and archive events
  • Settings – Specify email, manage notifications, profile visibility, and privacy
  • Media – Create and manage photos and photo albums

It’s your site as well as mine, and all suggestions are welcome. If and when the site grows, I’ll be looking for people to help with site administration. If you want something that isn’t provided by the site, I’m open to looking into providing it.

I don’t like the ads that are showing up, and think I will drop the Google ads on the right side. So far I’ve seen nothing remotely related to the Quad Cities. Maybe down the road I’ll solicit ads directly from QC businesses.


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